Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered Toledo Tee

Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered Toledo Tee


Yeah, I’m From Toledo is honored to present you the original Toledo Murderinos shirt, with this take on Toledo’s slogan, “You Will Do Better In Toledo.” $5 of the sale of every shirt goes to support End the Backlog— a program of the Joyful Hearts Foundation— which is dedicated to creating meaningful dialogue around the prevention of sexual assault and seeks justice for victims through the testing of rape kits. Listeners of the hit podcast ‘My Favorite Murder’ featuring Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff will instantly be familiar with this organization and its mission.

Reverse features “Toledo Murderinos” so anyone walking up on you from behind will know you are carrying pepper spray and won’t hesitate to use it. Spray first, ask questions later.

Super soft shirt in a cotton polyester blend.

Note: Only L and XL currently available in black.

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